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InVigorex Success Stories

So, just how effective is InVigorex?

Here's what just a few of our thousands of satisfied customers have to say...

When i first inquired about enlargement there were many sites out there so i decided to go with your product because it didn't contain yohimbe. When i first start i was about 5" in length after about 2 months of continued use i have notice that my girth is bigger and my length is 6.5," I have had no side effects and my sexual activity has been noticeably better and my erections are a lot stronger. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Hi. I've been talking your product for about a month. I haven't really been accurate in measuring but my girlfriend keeps telling me it's thicker and i find it got a little less than half an inch longer. would these be normal results. also, does the number of times i masturbate influence these results?
Sebastian C.

I was the last person that would have ever tried your product, but I did. I thought it would be ridiculous to get an appendage of your body that is not made of muscle tissue, but cartilage, to grow. Two years ago I did my first installment and had a small amount of progress. About 1 to 1.5 inches. Then after doing some extender device that I don't think really worked much and kinda hurt, I did another installment. That added another inch and then about 9 months later I started up again and gained my third full inch. I am arguably 3.5 to 4 inches longer now. I am over 9 inches long during my full pulsating erections. I can even see a couple of veins in my shaft that give it a more muscular look when erect. I cannot express my overall satisfaction. I seriously doubted the ability of your product to produce results and I just considered you guys to be scam artists but nothing could be further from the truth. I told another heterosexual friend of mine and he has had good results too already. I am a part-time body builder, and I am too busy to pursue it full time like I used to. I know that body builders produce more semen than the average male. I know that the potential for growth due to the exercises I have done over many years probably made me an ideal candidate for your product.
My sincerest thanks.

I've used your pills in the past, of the products of this type, (I've tried several), yours seems to be the most effective by far!
Art B.

I was your previous customer who ordered 4 bottles last month and I was amazed after 3 weeks. Now I'm going to try the exercises you recommend to gain more results. Thanx

Hi Thanks very much for your product, I already used it and ordered the 3 month supply special offer buy 2 get 1 free. That is a great deal. This is my 2rd reorder. Again, kudos to you guys for this outstanding product, it is amazing stuff. I'll have to send in a testimonial after awhile, couple of months. My girlfriend said that she might have to break up with me because it will be TOO large - that's an ironic first.
Dave S.

Hello, I have been taking your product for about 2 weeks now, and it is already working great! I was just wondering if it was safe to, instead of only 2 pills a day, maybe take 3 a day to see quicker results? Anyway look forward to hearing back and thank you for the results you've given me already! Got a half inch that wasn't there 2 weeks ago!!!

I was sitting at about six inches for a while, I thought that was small, although it turns out it's average. All I know is that I'm at 8.5 inches now and my girlfriend can't get enough of it. Thank You!
Ron J.

I purchased a Massive Member membership about a year ago, along with a 3-month supply of InVigorex, and it was the best decision of my life! I increased my erect size from 6" to 7.25" in only 3 months!
Ryan S.

When i first ordered the product I was skeptical so I only bought one bottle. It has only been 2 weeks but the results are already very noticeable by both me and my wife. I have just sent you a money order for a 4 month supply. I can't wait to receive the order. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for this great product!!

hi there! i feel my 6 inch member isn't enough so i tried your product, i am very happy with the results, its just the way i like it. now i am 7.5 inches and my girlfriend loves to have sex with me again and again, she really loves to see my large penis.

My boyfriend started taking INVIGOREX for fun just to see if it would work. Boy has it. He has been on it for only two months and his erections are fuller and harder. I noticed this when I had to start using lubricant so he wouldn't hurt me. He said he feels like he's 16 again since he gets frequent erections... Our sex life could never be better.

I love it! I've gained 4" and gained 2" in girth!

I am happy to tell you that your invigorex is working good. No headache and no stomachache. After the third pills I knew this will work excellent. I thank you a lot, I got to tell you that I have tried XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, some of them will work fine for about 2 weeks, after that I will experience either no effect, stomachache, headache, XXXXX will give me a strong headache. I have blood flow problem so I know I got to take something. Your invigorex is already after 2 days giving me more energy, better blood flow and is getting better, I hope it continues getting better but the real test will be after a month or two to see if will still working without side affect and still producing the good feeling. Thanks guys.

INVIGOREX is incredible! I used to be really embarrassed about my size. But just 2 months after taking INVIGOREX I am now 7 ½ inches long - that's over 2 inches I've grown in 2 months! I'm not going to stop until I'm 8 ½ or 9 inches long. Thanks INVIGOREX!
Mike W.

hey guys ive finished my 1st 3 month supply of invigorex. during those 3 months i not only experienced harder and stronger erections but i also noticed a certain type of confidence with women or an out going attitude toward them. i was trying to see if u guys know anything about this or heard anything from other customers about this experienc or if this was just a figment of my imagination?

I am 70 year old. At my age I was just about dry up. My penis was like a wet rag. I order a 3 month supply of Invigorex and after taking it for two week I find my penis getting bigger and longer. Over the last five year I had only about three hard on. Today I can get a hard on and it last for hours. My girl can not get enough of me. We had sex only about four time in the last five year. Today we are having sex four to five time a week and some times three time a day. Invigorex do work. I went from a dry up 5 inch to 6.5 inch in 7 week. Thank you it like being 40 again and I will be 70 in about one month.

The reason I embarked on this project was to prove three of my scientist friends wrong. They hold the view that it is impossible to grow the male genital organ short the penis. Any natural way of enlarging the penis besides surgery for them was simply an impossibility. They claim that there is no scientific proof to justify any natural penis enlargement. Therefore those who testify that they have succeeded in enlarging their penises are liars or perhaps they have been bought over by those offering the service. I began using Invigorex in November. I took my measurement before I started ...4.3' (flaccid) and 5.7' (erect). This evening, I took measurement again after four months and believe me I am 4.9' (flaccid) and 7.1' erect. Hey, this stuff works ...never mind scientists with their grandiloquent professionally-minded technical jargons. Nothing is without risks in life but a little try with wisdom would make a difference. This stuff is commonsense. In fact, there is no need saying much ...get busy and save your marriage if you will."

I was very skeptical at first about these enlargement pills, but saw an immediate difference after 1-2 weeks, now almost 3 weeks. Incredible. It certainly does work, I'll say that - amazing.
Anonymous by Request

I wasn't sure if I needed your pill or not, because my girlfriend says I'm good in bed and everything, but I've always kind of felt like I was small. I started taking it about a month and a half ago, and my girlfriend is shocked! She can't believe the change, and she says that she thought everything was fine before, but that now it is MUCH, MUCH better. I've gained 1 ½ inches in length and ¾ of an inch around already. Thanks you guys. I didn't have any idea how much I would like being bigger.
Tom J.

i've been using invigorex for approximately 1 week now and its working great as you promise, i am simply wondering if its safe to also use with your product prejac?
Dan S.

Yeah my names Kyle, and a few weeks after taking Invigorex I'm getting lots of girls and they are loving it. I stole this one guy's girl because she went crazy when she seen my penis. thanks a lot!

I purchased Invigorex about 5 weeks ago. My drive has increased, as well as, my hardnest of erection, much like you said it would. I have also noticed a size difference in my penis around half inch. I want more size. I was taking the pills in the morning with breakfast. Now, I have changed my schedule to right after dinner, within the last week. Is there a certain diet or schedule that works better? Also, do I have to slow down with sex in order for the pills to work properly? Right now I am doing it about 5 or 6 times a week.

Just wanted to comment on your wonderful product. Life's been so "enhanced" and incredibly vigorous because of you guyz. Keep up the good work!
S. Bell

To: Austin Research Labs
Ordered a 3-month supply of Invigorex and started taking it just two weeks ago. Already, I'm a "longhorn" (7 inches or longer), having grown 1/4"" in two weeks. My erections are stronger and my lover, who doesn't know I'm taking it, comments, when we're having sex, that I feel "big and hard". If it pleases my lover (and it does), it has already been worth the cost to invest in moving up from the 75th percentile in penis size to a higher level. I was happy with my size before I started taking Invigorex and so was my lover. Additional length and girth are a bonus for both of us. Or should I say a "boner"! Thanks for producing and marketing a natural enhancement product that actually works.
H. S.

I'm only using invigorex for 1 week and I already seem to have results. I take 2 pills a day in the morning and afternoon. My question; Is it recommendable to take more pills a day For a much faster result? Can you give me an answer on this question please.

I was skeptical about trying your product but figured with a money back guarantee there was really no risk so I bought it and let me say it's the best money I ever spent. I've seen big differences in my penis size and in bed too. Thank you for making me a believer.

My wife gave me hell when she found out I bought these pills. But now that I've been taking them for a few weeks, she is your biggest fan! She calls them my "Stud-vitamins" and she is really happy about the affect they've had on my sex drive. In fact, last night she told me to order some more because she don't want me to run out (he he he)!
David W.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised - actually astonished is a better word. Invigorex has exceeded my expectations already have a truly fantastic product.
Darrin B.

I'm just about at the end of my second bottle of InVigorex. I'm almost 70 years old and my penis size has not diminished (which, unfortunately, happens with age) nor has my sexual drive (which also diminishes with age). The point I'm making here is that I'm maintaining thanks to your product. I find this very encouraging and would urge other 'older men' to start such a maintenance program. Thank you for your product.

i am very pleased, 1 inch gain in first 2 months. Is it ok to take more than?

Hello to whoever reads this message.i am one of your past customers that purchased your product along with the prosizer extender device under your recommendations..i must say i am amazed as i have gained a lot in such a short time. I am a 19 year old and yet i have gained so much. to express my success and how greatful i am i was at only 13cm's full erect.after using your products for less than 2 months i have gained 2 whole cm's in length and am noticeably bigger in girth.. i am soo pleased with the results and will post more info later..for now i will order 3 bottles as i only ordered 1 bottled last time for trial. thanks a lot for such a great product. u guys surely have made my money worthwhile.. thanks in a million guys:).


I've had ED [Erectile Dysfunction] for years, and at 69 I didn't have much hope for changing my situation. My wife found your website while she was looking around for alternatives to Viagra. And your product has been a real miracle for me! We feel like honeymooners again! I don't have any trouble getting a really hard erection that lasts as long as I want it to, and I have so much more energy. Invigorex has improved much more than just my sex life! You've got a great product!
J. Edwards


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